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New workshop being offered at The Center

The Patriarchal Wound- Working with the Patriarchal Wound in Women

This one-day workshop is designed to bring to consciousness the internalized patriarchal value system that keep women in a constant state of self-judgment, feelings of worthlessness and a loss of faith. We will be exploring the masculine principles and the shadow of the patriarchy and the internal effect it has on women. The intent of the workshop is to create a better understanding of how the patriarchy influences the psyche within women and inhibits the creative process. Lastly, we will be exploring both concepts of wise masculine and wise feminine and the differentiation of those concepts from that of patriarchal principles.

Saturday, April 7, 2018
9:00 to 4:00 pm
Center for Transpersonal Therapy Group Room
5801 South Fashion Blvd, Suite 250

The cost of the workshop is $75.00 for the day. Sign up for this workshop is required. Maximum number of participants for this workshop will be 16 members so please sign up to confirm your spot. Payment is due the day of the workshop. To sign up for this workshop or for further questions, please contact Heidi at the Center for Transpersonal Therapy at 801-596-0147 Ext 42. It is recommended that one wears comfortable clothes and brings a journal.

Heidi Gordon is a licensed clinical social (LCSW) who is also trained in sport and movement psychology. She has been working in the field of social work and with social process for the past 18 years and is trained as a therapist and a facilitator in Jungian Social Group Work process. She concentrates on working with people around mood, health and well- being, body work and body identity, individuation, and addiction issues. She builds community among women by offering a committed group process and a container for expression of one’s authentic self. Lastly, she also understands the importance of how men are lost in patriarchal expectations as well.


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