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Two Current Groups Offered at the Center

Please view two groups currently being offered here at The Center…

Social Support Group for Women

This group is designed to offer a place for women to come together and find connection among peers.  To be on the journey towards self actualization and seeking a more authentic self requires exploration of both self and how we relate toward others.  This group is designed to sustain women in their journey of self-exploration. Concepts around finding one’s authority, integration of both the masculine and feminine principles, support for personal and professional identity and relationships will be a part of the group process.  Discovering creative ways to work with depression and anxiety will also be a part of the group structure.  The group will create a sense of community, support members out of feeling isolation and offer a sense of kinship.

The cost of the group is $25.00 per group.  To sign up for this group or for further questions, please contact Heidi at the Center for Transpersonal Therapy at 596-0147 ext 42.

Heidi Ford is a licensed clinical social worker who is also trained in sport psychology and movement psychology.  She has been working in the field of social work and with social process for the past 12 years and is trained as a therapist and facilitator in Jungian Social Group Work process. She concentrates on working with people around movement, health and well-being, body work, body identity and addiction issues.   She builds community among women by offering a committed group process and a container for expression of one’s authentic self.


Adolescent Social Support Group

Thursday’s 5:30-7pm, Weekly

This group will focus on supporting adolescents to explore and work through issues related to family, friends, school, and relationships.  This group will be held in a setting that includes art and experiential experiences.

Wil Dredge, an LCSW, will facilitate the group.  Would like a 3 month commitment.  (Cost: $25 a group.)  (Place: Center for Transpersonal Therapy)

If you are interested please contact Wil Dredge, LCSW




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