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What is transpersonal therapy?

There are many philosophies, methodologies and approaches to psychotherapy. When you read most explanations of these approaches, it is easy to be both bewildered and intimidated. Our hope, therefore, is to dispel any concern or pre-conceived notions you might have about therapy.

Very simply, Transpersonal Therapy is a holistic approach to healing. Whereas some therapy approaches focus solely on concepts drawn from the traditional science of psychology, Transpersonal Therapy also incorporates spiritual wisdom and traditions—seeking to integrate these perspectives with contemporary psychology.

“Transpersonal” comes from the Latin trans, meaning “beyond” and persona, meaning “mask” or “personality.” As such, Transpersonal Therapy aims to reveal the person behind the personality—addressing basic human needs for self-esteem, satisfying relationships and spiritual growth.

A strong and important tenant of Transpersonal Therapy is the relationship between therapist and client. The therapist does not view him/herself in a position that is superior to the client—and therefore listens with suspended judgment and respect. While it is still important for the therapist to be discriminating and analytical, the primary attitude is one of open-mindedness. The therapist strives to be completely genuine, authentic and present—coaching the client to do the same. Both aspire to be self-aware, honest and real. This makes for a powerful therapeutic relationship in which tremendous healing and growth can take place.

Why see us?

The Center for Transpersonal Therapy has been part of the Salt Lake City counseling community for over 30 years. All of our therapists are traditionally trained psychologists or social workers who have obtained many additional years of training in diverse specialties. We meet together for at least three hours a week to train in a format that supports the therapists in their personal and professional lives. We believe therapists who are supported to continually work on their own personal psychology are less likely to unconsciously bring it into their work with clients, therefore providing a high level of awareness and skill to therapist-client interaction.

The history of our Center

The Salt Lake Center for Transpersonal Therapy was founded in 1985 by two psychologists and a social worker. Our founders were dedicated to creating a group practice that allowed each professional to function with autonomy, but also to be supported by shared philosophy and collaboration. The founders developed a structure that supported diversity and included body workers, alternative medicine professionals and spiritual practitioners, as well as other psychotherapists.

In 1991 we moved from a location on West Temple to the 9th and 9th area and changed our name to Center for Transpersonal Therapy. In 2011 we expanded and bought a business condo in Murray, where we are now located. Our new space allows us to have more partners, more rooms for group work and a new commitment to grow and expand our community.

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